Smartphone addicts can hear phantom vibrations, says study

Stress levels shown to increase due to need to check messages

A study has revealed that users obsessed with their smartphones are prone to hearing 'phantom vibrations' in anticipation of receiving new messages

In spite of no messages really being received, smartphone addicts can hear phantom vibrations in their desperation to get them.

A study was carried out at the University of Worcester which showed users believe their phones are buzzing even when they're not, and this obsession about checking email and social networking sites can lead to a lot more stress.

Over 100 people in different lines of work were surveyed and it was seen that most had acquired the phones for work purposes and had increased stress levels due to not constantly checking emails and messages.

This led to a vicious cycle where those who were more stressed checked theur phones even more, which led to them being increasingly stressed.

The study hopes that employers will consider the effect of smartphones on their workers and their stress levels.

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Via: The Telegraph