Sky to add Series Link to Sky + app for iOS 5 and Android

Sky is to make one of many futures updates to it's mobile apps

Sky recently outed the Sky Movies app for iPad and iPhone now they're beginning to roll out serious updates to the rest of their app line

Sky is to add Series Link to the already incredibly popular Sky + app available for Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4S and Android devices with further updates on the way.

The Sky portfolio of apps which includes the newly added Sky Movies app have already had 18 million downloads. However going back to 2006 was the launch of the Sky + app which allowed Sky customers to view both a TV guide and also then remote record programs, this functionality has now been extended to include the Series Link function which will let you remote record an entire series from the app.

In a blog post Sky's director of product management Hilary Perchard talked not only about the current line of Sky apps but also suggested that there would be many more updates to come.

"To a certain extent, all apps are a work in progress, and we’re constantly listening to our customers to see how we can improve the experience yet further."

The Series Link function will first appear on with the app update then appearing sometime later this month, this is then all tied into an update which will be coming for Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 which will see the Sky + app be brought more in line with the design ethos for the iOS app.

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