Sky still backing 3D content to go mainstream

Broadcaster committed to the 3D revolution

70,000 subscribers already signed up to the Sky 3D cause

Sky’s director of product development has reaffirmed his confidence in the Sky 3D channel believing the medium will soon find its way to the mass market.

At present, only 70,000 viewers subscribe to the channel with an obvious stumbling block being that viewers will have to shell out for a premium priced TV to enjoy it.

Having handed over his role as head of Sky 3D in wake of the product’s launch, Barry Lenz told TechRadar he was pleased with Sky's progress in the market so far.

"It's one thing to sit with something like 3D where we are going out and saying that we're happy with 70,000 subscribers in the first quarter,” stated Lenz.

“That's because we believe that it will grow to a much bigger number for us."

Lenz added,"We tend to be a more mass market company which means we have to hit very high volumes with our products.”

Having acknowledged Sky 3D’s modest initial subscriber base, Lenz went on to affirm the company’s commitment to bringing the latest innovations to its customers:

"If it's going to be done in the living room than I like to think that Sky is trusted to do it well."

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