Skobbler 3.0 iPhone app takes on Google Maps Navigation

Free iPhone satnav app is back following Navigon split

Free turn-by-turn app adds iOS4 multitasking functionality.

The iPhone may finally have an answer to Android's brilliant turn-by-turn Google Maps Navigation, with the launch of satnav application skobbler 3.0.

Like its Android rival, skobbler is free to download and returns to the App Store with a brand new UI that also includes mutlitasking thanks to the iOS4 compatability. iPhone users will be able to use the phone's other features, such as take calls, while the satnav runs in the background.

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The app also lays claim to technical improvements that the company says will improve GPS positioning, and hopefully win over many disappointed iPhone users who felt it was a poor man's version of the free Android service. It also has voice-guided naivgation and can enable iPod playback during use and a one-touch 'take me home' feature.

Skobbler, which was the UKs first free turn-by-turn solution for the iPhone earned an impressive 100,000 downloads in June, before an acrimonious split with parent company, satnav kings Navigon.

Link: skobbler 3.0