Sixth national TV channel to be added to terrestrial roster

New terrestrial TV channel to touch down 2012?

Jeremy Hunt to unveil new Channel 6

British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to unveil plans for a new sixth national terrestrial television station, new reports have revealed.

Proclaimed as the “spine” to British broadcasting, the mooted channel 6 is expected to feature a flurry of national content interspersed with local and regional broadcasts with area specific advertising making the venture financially viable.

With plans believed to be formally revealed during the Oxford Media Convention today, Hunt has declared that the new channel will be "One that will sit alongside other public service broadcasters, offering a new voice for local communities, with local perspectives that are directly relevant to them."

As well as joining the ranks of terrestrial television Hunt intends to introduce new legislation that would see the sixth public service broadcasting station take follow the previous five on the EPG of Freeview, BSkyB and Virgin Media services.

Speaking on this potential bullyboy tactic Hunt said: “The government wants to see a market-based solution emerge and is prepared to exercise its available powers and facilitate the right conditions to incentivise the market.”

The addition national channel could start broadcasting as early as 2012 with up to 10 local TV services producing content. Stay tuned to and the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest.

Via: Guardian | Via: TechRadar