Sir Paul McCartney working on music for unannounced game

Beatles legend composing soundtrack for upcoming mystery gaming release

Following on from 2009's Beatles Rock Band release Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he is working on the soundtrack for an upcoming game

Speaking with German media in recent days former Beatle come solo artist Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he is working on the soundtrack of a currently unannounced video game.

Whilst the man who penned many of the Beatles' classics alongside John Lennon failed to release any details as to the game's title, platform, genre or developer McCartney revealed his involvement whilst talking with German newspaper Die Zelt.

"I was asked whether I could imagine doing something like this, and I found it exciting," McCartney said. "It is a fascinating market. These days a new computer game sells much better than a CD and you reach an entirely different target group.”

He went on to add: "This way many young people will probably listen to my music for the first time while playing a videogame."

Beatles Rock Band

Far from McCartney's first foray into the video games market 2009 saw the release Beatles Rock Band with the music franchise tasking gamers with playing along to a host of classic Beatles tracks on an array of Beatles styled and replica accompanying instruments.

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Via: CVG