Sir James Dyson expresses concern over British tech

Dyson vacuum inventor shares worries over UK innovation

British inventor shares concerns over the future of nation's industry

British inventor and vacuum cleaner behemoth Sir James Dyson has revealed he fears for the future of British engineering claiming the UK’s current trend is to be too conservative.

Speaking with gadget blog Tech Radar Dyson declared “We must take more risks,” moving on to add: "When it comes to technology we should be bold in ambition and clear in terms of opportunity - thinking twenty years ahead.”

The man most famed for the iconic range of home cleaning products and intensely powerful public restroom hand dryers stated his fears that Britain is being left behind by nations adopting and pioneering ground breaking technologies.

"The pace of change is faster than ever but the potential is enormous. We have missed out on engineering high speed trains which will travel on British tracks and have not yet decided what direction we go in with renewable energy.

"We're behind, and we need quick and bold decisions to give us a competitive edge. Dyson engineers are perfecting technology that won't see the light of day for ten years; it may never see the light of day.”

Keen to stress that there is more to creating a truly great product than that single light bulb moments, and urging the UK’s minds to push forward Dyson concluded: "There is not one 'spark' for invention - ideas need to be developed to be turned into commercial successes. And we have to start now."

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Via: TechRadar