Sir James Dyson attacks 'double standards' of Chinese copycats

Copyright disregard sees British inventor James Dyson hit out at Chinese manufacturers

Sir James Dyson hits out at the 'double standards' of Chinese manufacturers who repeatedly fail to adhere to copyright laws and mimic designs

British creator and design great Sir James Dyson has hit out at the Chinese tech industry brandishing its flagrant lack of adherence to copyright laws unacceptable.

Suggesting the booming industrial nation could face being removed from the World Trade Organisation due to its lack of respect for copyrighted material, Dyson said the country is creating an 'unlevel playing field' by openly stealing other company’s and manufacturer's legally protected designs and innovations.

"They [China] are running the risk of being expelled from the WTO. They are creating an unlevel playing field by taking our technology and selling it all over the world," the man behind the hugely successful and innovative air blade fans and Dyson vacuum cleaners said.

Technology Patent Wars

Suggesting that China's two speed patent processing system is hugely biased in favour of home nation companies Dyson said the country features a high degree of double standards.

"Under WTO regulations, each country is supposed to treat foreign patent applications with the same speed as local applications. But they are passing Chinese application in months and taking five years for ours.

"If we have someone copying our products in China we cannot sue them until our patent is passed. This has not created a level playing field."

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Via: TechRadar