Sim City Social for Facebook launched

Become your friends best ally or cause havok with new social features

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Riding off the impending arrival of Sim City 5 is Sim City Social, the original Sim City experience playable on Facebook and with a whole bunch of new features

EA Games, the developers behind Battlefield 3 and FIFA 13 have just launched in partnership with Maxis and Playfish, Sim City Social on Facebook at E3 2012.

Following on from the success of Sim Social it's a fully playable version of the original Sim City but updated with new social features.

With a new-look and feel Sim City Social is still the original gaming experience but with a new twist, now players will be able to interact with their friends cities using a newly created Friend or Foe system.

Jami Laes, Vice President of Playfish, the company that brought this game to life, spoke to T3 pointing out that a more social, interactive Sim City makes for a better Sim City.

"We’ve been working on Sim City for a while, and we’ve taken all that we learnt from the Sims Social and applied that to Sim City, and what we’ve found is that it worked really well."

"Every action has a reaction either between you and your friends or you and your city or you and your friends city, so it’s not only about visiting, using or giving your friends resources it can go beyond that. You can choose to be friendly with them or a foe with them, this relates to the things you can do to them, you can leave prizes, then there will also be events that will affect their city."

Lucy Bradshaw Senior Vice President of Maxis believes that this was always a natural transition for Sim City and something the ultimately was going to happen eventually anyway.

"I think the translation from Sim City to the social platform really is about reinterpreting the game, and yet making sure we capture the essence of what Sim City is all about, and that’s that it is a living city, it is something that you created."

"I think what we’ve done is really similar to what we did with Sims Social which is we’ve really captured the essence of Sim City we’ve brought in all of these quirky unexpected events that are kinda a hallmark of the franchise and reinterpreted it as something that is really delightful, surprising, fun and expressive."

Coming soon to Facebook Sim City Social lets you not only play Sim City as you would normally but it also throws in the excitement of competing or working with other players on the social network, combining resources and working together or becoming arch enemies.