Shazam bags BBC iPlayer executive for TV expansion role

Tag, you're it

Daniel Danker, the former general manager of programmes and on demand content at the BBC has moved to Shazam to help the app focus its push into TV

Shazam has stepped up its expansion from tagging music tracks to identifying the world of TV with the announcement of Daniel Danker's appointment as chief product officer for the service.

Danker, previously the general manager of programmes and on demand for the BBC's iPlayer (and before that at Microsoft) has come in to focus on Shazam for TV, as well as working with major social networks.

“Producing one of the most-downloaded apps of all time, Shazam has built its reputation on providing people with a discovery experience for music and television that sets the standard," Danker said.

"I look forward to using my experience at Microsoft and the BBC to help Shazam create engaging products that delight.”

Shazam's expansion into TV began in earnest back in 2011, and launched in the UK last year. Now the service will start pushing Shazam for TV and encourage users to tag TV shows the same way they would for songs.

Initially, this stated off with formulated individual partnerships with shows like American Idol or advertising brands like Pepsi - in fact, the company experienced a boon across the pond during the Super Bowl when users tagged the famous half time ads.

Now though, Shazam is looking to move beyond the single partnerships and catalogue shows and adverts itself - letting you tag anything on screen that takes your fancy.

It's a big ask for Mr Danker and - at the moment - Shazam won't reveal usage figures for its TV service, beyond saying the app as a whole has more than 300 million users globally.

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Via: TechCrunch