Sharp announces its first 3D TV in the 3D Quattron

Four-colour Quattron technology brightens up 3D TV

Sharp adds yellow to 3D TV

Sharp has announced the world’s first 3D TV to feature its Quattron technology that adds a yellow sub-pixel to the standard red, green and blue spectrum for improved picture brightness and colour appearance.

The Quattron 3D TV, Sharp’s first foray in to LCD 3D TV panels, will feature Super Edge LED backlighting for crisply lit images further boosted by the display’s UV2A system technology that maximises the light emitted from the backlight.

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These image and lighting technologies combine to create a 3D TV that is 1.8 times brighter than other extra dimensional box offerings yet without increased power consumption. Addopting active shutter 3D technology, Sharp’s 3D Quattron TV will require users to wear active shutter 3D glasses in order to enjoy the life-like 3D content.

Initially launching with a 60-inch model this October priced £3,500, Sharp’s 3D Quattron range will grow in the new year as additional screen sizes are added to the company’s 3D roster.

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