Sharp 3D phone by end of 2010

Glasses-free 3D blower set to ape Nintendo 3DS

International release for three dimensional cell planned for later this year.

Sharp has confirmed it’s working on a 3D phone and that’ll be up for grabs across the globe by the end of 2010.

The move comes after the TV maker supplied glasses-free 3D screens to Nintendo for the 3DS. However, it’ll need to be on the top of its game after its panels featured in the Microsoft Kin debacle earlier this summer.

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The phone won’t be limited to Japan, where 3D phones are already available, and will have a 3D camera slapped on the back according to the Sharp spokeswoman who handed over the details.

Sharp unveiled its 3D panels back in April, so this is no shock. What we want to know though is what OS this will be packing. A 3D Android effort before Christmas could leave the iPhone dead in its wake.

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Via Reuters