Sepp Blatter tweets that goalline technology is a 'necessity'

Initial sceptic Blatter is won over after Ukraine denied goal

Despite being a staunch sceptic of goalline technology it appears as though Ukraine's denied EURO 2012 goal against England was enough to tip the balance

Sepp Blatter has openly come forward and admitted that goalline technology is now a 'necessity' after replays show that the Ukraine were denied a goal against England during their EURO 2012 match this week.

The President of FIFA has long been considered a sceptic of the technology initially siding with the belief that pitchside officials were the way forward. However the clearly missed goal this week appeared to tip the balance for him prompting a tweet asserting his position.

"After last night’s match ‪#GLT‬ is no longer an alternative but a necessity."

Interestingly though UEFA President Michel Platini still believes that goalline technology is not the way forward, in a recent interview in Warsaw he tried to justify his position.

"The problem is the arrival of technology because, after, you'll need technology for deciding handballs and then for offside decisions and so on. It'll be like that forever and ever. It'll never stop. That's the problem I have."

Goalline technology has long been a heated debate among the footballing community and with the first official trials already underway it would appear as though Sepp Blatter is now on course to bring it fully to the beautiful game.