Seized PS3s released, LG fined

Sony wins latest stage of legal battle with LG

Blu-ray patent dispute continues but Sony now free to ship PlayStation 3.

The PS3s impounded in Europe last week following an injunction won by LG have been freed, as the legal dispute between the two tech titans took another twist. A Dutch court last week ordered the seizure of all PS3 shipments in Europe as part of a Blu-ray infringement case.

Now though, Sony is free to move the 300,000 PS3s, with plans to bring in more shipments in the coming weeks. To compound LG’s misery, it’s been fined €130,000 and told it must pay €200,000 for every day it refuses to hand over the money.

The tussle relates to LG claims over Blu-ray tech used in the PS3. When the consoles were seized, Sony feared that stocks of its best-selling console would dry up within a couple of weeks.

The legal wrangling is set to continue, so our advice? Buy a PS3 now if you’re after one, as this is one will run and run.