Search engines affecting memory, says research

Poor memory? Blame the internet.

According to research from Columbia University, using internet search engines has affected the way a person's brain remembers things.

The ability to find anything you want on the internet by using search engines like Google makes people remember less.

According to Betsy Sparrow, psychologist, Columbia University, people tend to forget things they can easily find on the internet.

Her paper is titled, "Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips" and the research was carried out in four studies.

In one test, participants were told to type statements; when they were told what they typed was saved, they made less of an effort to recall the things they typed, than when they believed nothing was being saved.

"Perhaps those who teach in any context, be they college professors, doctors or business leaders, will become increasingly focused on imparting greater understanding of ideas and ways of thinking, and less focused on memorisation," said Sparrow

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