Scalextric launches iPhone & iPad app on Game Centre

Retro racing enters the app age

Race against the world using the Apple Game Centre.

Here at T3 we love it when someone takes an old favourite and updates it for the modern age. Handheld Sega Megadrives, Polaroid pogo printers and Back to the Future videogames, our door is always open for you.

So when we saw that the game developers at Sabec had outed a Scalextric racing app for iPhone and iPad, our inner child jumped out and danced around the Christmas tree like a hyperactive Jack Russell terrier.

Scalextric, as you will remember, is the remote control racing car set that allows you to build your own rollercoaster-like race tracks with loop-the-loops, chicanes and hair-raising S-bends.

The iPhone and Android edition, which can be played against the world on Apple's new Game Centre, will also allow users to build their own circuits or set a personal best on pre-set tracks and on those designed by your fellow racers.

Game Centre compatibility will mean users can challenge friends to a race as well as taking on the game's AI cars in a one-on-one showdown.

For just 59p on the App Store, this looks like an absolutely steal. Check out the video below for a full demonstration.

Link: Scalextric