Sanex For Men Challenge Facebook app launches

Exclusive: Dual arcade gaming challenge launched by Sanex

Men's deodorant giant Sanex has launched a new Facebook application tasking social-networkers to pit their wits against a dual arcade gaming challenge

Deodorant specialist Sanex has launched a new Facebook application challenging men to test out their multitasking skills across two classic arcade games.

Pitting their wits against both Tetris and Block-Buster styled games simultaneously, the Sanex For Men Challenge will see users arch back to their gaming youth with top performers of the dual-gaming task given the chance to win an Apple iPad 2 or Xbox 360 console with Kinect.

“We have chosen to target Facebook for this activity because we know that our target audience has a specific interest in technology and smart products, and always likes to be aware and up to date,” Lianne Bezzina, Brand Manager for Sanex UK announced.

Speaking exclusively with T3 the head of the Sanex For Men deodorant range added: “Sanex has embraced the idea that we need to engage with our audience through digital, and plan to explore the digital space for future launches and brand activities.”

The Sanex For Men Challenge Facebook app is available on the social networking site now and will run until July 31st.

Could you beat the dual-gaming challenge put out by Sanex? Try it out and let us know your top score via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.