Samsung ZX310 9 Series is Mac Air alike

Samsung serves up crazy-thin laptop - 9 Series

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Samsung ZX310 9Series laptop set to be slimline sensation

Samsung has launched a stunning new slimline ZX310 laptop along with a slew of other cutting-edge tech at CES2011.

The 13-inch ZX310 - - or 9-series in the US - crams in a second-gen Intel processor, alongside a ‘SuperBright Plus’ panel which the Korean tech cobbler says is twice as bright as regular displays.

There’s no doubting that the ZX310 is all about looks, with Sammy saying its been inspired by top end sports cars. It’s made from duralumin, which is twice as tough as aluminium and used in aircraft design. This thing is hard as nails as well as looking drop dead gorgeous.

Under the hood, Samsung has included a new Intel Core processor for ace visual skills, while RAM can be ramped up to an impressive 8GB. You’ll be able to nab 128GB and 256GB SSD versions, while Samsung even claims it’ll fire up in just 12 seconds thanks to its ‘Fast Start’ tech’.

Battery life will last ‘three times longer than a typical notebook’, although Samsung has been less forthcoming when it comes to actual stats to back this up. Either way, this is a machine that’s bound to be compared to Apple’s sexy MacBook Air. From first impressions, it has every chance of giving the Cupertino-made effort a run for its money.

We’ll be tracking down the Samsung ZX310 later, so stay right here for hands-on pictures and first impressions.