Samsung working on 110-inch UD TV?

'Cause sometimes, 84 inches just ain't big enough...

Samsung could be working on a massive 110-inch UD TV to be unveiled next year at CES according to the latest rumours

Just as we start getting comfortable with the 84-inch TVs about to make an appearance at CES next year, a new rumour drops into our laps suggesting Samsung is planning a massive 110-inch monster for your living room.

This latest nugget comes courtesy of Korean tech site MK News which quotes an unnamed Samsung official saying that the 110-inch TV will make an appearance at CES 2013 over in Las Vegas.

Of course, given that the current 84-inch gogglebox goes for around £23,000 - we expect any 110-inch TV set to be the exclusive preserve of Arab Oil Sheiks, Premiership footballers and the occasional international conglomerate.

MK News quotes the source as saying (translated from Korean): "At the next year's CES to be open on January 8 in Las Vegas, the US, Samsung will have its 110-inch UHD TV on display. Not to mention ultra-sized screen, our UHD TV will boast the best-ever definition and design that you haven't experienced before."

The annual CES trade show in Vegas is a hot spot for the very latest televisual technology so if Samsung are working on such a device, we wouldn't be surprised to see the South Korean company pull out a reveal at the event in January. If you want to know what other delights are in store for us once CES roles around, check out our guide to the latest CES 2013 rumours.

Source: MK News via TechRadar