Samsung Wave II official with Bada OS and 429 euros price

Bada given second Wave minus Super AMOLED display

Bada given second Wave

Following the sucess of the Samsung Wave, the first handset to support the company's own in-house operating system, Samsung has officially announced the next device to run the Bada OS, the cleverly named, Samsung Wave II.

Aesthetically the Wave II is very similar to its predecessor. However, Samsung has dropped the defining feature of the original Bada device, scrapping the stunning Super AMOLED display to replace it with a more readily available 3.7-inch LCD offering.

The Wave II, which will also play host to a 5-megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording capabilities, has also been priced by Sammy, currently only available in euros, with the new Bada device set to cost €429 (£372).

No UK launch date has yet been given for the 1GHz processor powered follow-up to the Samsung Wave. For all the latest on the upcoming Wave II check back to T3 and sign up to the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest tech news highlights.