Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro officially unveiled

Budget Bada handsets to wash up with 3-megapixel cameras

Samsung's Wave triples its numbers

With the first handset to run its new Bada operating system, the Samsung Wave, having barely landed on our shores, Samsung is already teasing its sequel, the aptly named Samsung Wave 2.

Alongside the Samsung Wave 2, the Korean company has shown off the third handset to boast the Bada OS, a handset with a boundary-pushing name, the Samsung Wave 2 Pro.

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Whilst both handsets host 3.2-inch touchscreens, 802.11n standard Wi-Fi, GPS and 3-megapixel cameras with video recorder, it is the standard Wave 2 that will sport the slide-out QWERTY keyboard pictured not the Pro model.

A glaring omission from both handsets is the lack of 3G connectivity meaning browsing the web will be sluggish when not hooked up via Wi-Fi.

The two low-end Wave handsets are to beach themselves in Russia and Asia in August of this year as Samsung remains tight-lipped about a possible UK launch.