Samsung updates 7000/8000 TV ranges after T3 review

Flagship TV range gets upgrade after T3 investigation

Better image quality coming your way after T3 review

Samsung has officially issued a firmware update for all series 7000/8000 TVs after a T3 review uncovered several issues with the previous firmware.

Expert T3 AV reviewer Steve May had been testing the Samsung UE55D8000 and uncovered a series of image quality issues with the flagship 8000 series 3DTV.

May said: “Once we explained our test results to the Samsung UK team, the brand's engineers were contacted immediately and a detailed report of our findings was sent to Korea. Within 24 hours, Samsung were back in touch with revised firmware (v.1005). More firmware improvements will undoubtedly be forthcoming, but it was gratifying to be able to contribute to making this set even better before its retail release."

The firmware update addressed two elements that had caused most concern during testing: Motion artefacts created by the set’s Motion Plus picture processor, and 3D crosstalk.

“While not a silver bullet, it was clear that some improvements had been made, particularly with regard to minimising the ringing artefacts seen around moving objects. The differences were subtle but welcome, and reflect an enormous effort by the Samsung engineering team raise the bar in picture quality”, said May.

Samsung has declined to comment officially.