Samsung unveils new mobile Wallet app

Keeps track of tickets, boarding passes, membership cards and the like

Samsung has unveiled a new app at Mobile World Congress that lets you store coupons, event tickets, boarding passes and the like on your Android device

If Samsung's new app sounds somewhat familiar, that's because its rather similar to Apple's Passbook iOS app in letting you store coupons on your smartphone.

The new app was shown off at a developer conference in Barcelona for MWC and right from the start, has several launch partners confirmed. The likes of Lufthansa, and Expedia are all included in the open API app that Samsung will make available to third party developers.

There are also several US partners involved in the app, including Major League Baseball and Walgreens, suggesting that Sammy will be focusing on the US first when it launches the app.

Wallet can send time and location-based push notifications to let you know when you're near a store that uses it - just like Apple's Passbook.

Currently the system is still in beta for selected developers but the Korean company has said the API will be available for download on March 7th.

Although the app doesn't integrate NFC payment, Samsung recently struck up a partnership with Visa for its PayWave service that almost certainly means we'll see contactless payment on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.