Samsung unleashes Series 5 Ultrabooks and Series 9 Notebook

Super slick Series 9 gets an upgrade, more Ultrabooks in the mix

Samsung's flagship laptop is given a 2012 makeover while the Koreans throw another two Ultrabooks into the mix at CES 2012.

Samsung revealed two Series 5 Ultrabooks and its second generation Series 9 Notebook as it laid on a laptop feast to a capacity audience at its CES 2012 conference.

The second-generation, sand-blasted Series 9 Notebook is a result of 30,000 development and design hours, and weighs in at a weight-watching 2.5lbs, with a thickness of just 0.5 inches.

Samsung has somehow used its Max Screen technology to ease the 15", 400-nit, SuperBright Plus display into a far more portable 14" body, while it lasts for 10 hours on a single charge. It also has an auto backlit keyboard, and the Fast Solutions tech means it can boot up in 9.8 seconds and wake in a tablet-troubling 1.4.

But it was the revelation of two Notebook Series 5 Ultrabooks that surprised many. Powered by the obligatory Intel Core i5 processor and an AMD Radeon HD graphics card, the 13" and 14" pair pack 300-nit SuperBright LCD screens, booting up in 20 seconds and waking in 2, with 6.4 hours battery life.

Despite much talk of cloud computing, Samsung has packed the larger of the duo - 20.9mm thick and 1.84kg - with a whopping 1TB hard drive, while the smaller of the two is just 14-17.6mm thin and 1.38kg light and packs 500MB storage.