Samsung under fire over Galaxy Tab sales

Has Sammy really sold two million tablets?

Recently released figures questioned as Samsung says actual sales are "quite small".

Samsung has been quick to tell the world about the success of the Galaxy Tab, with figures out last week claiming it had flogged two million units of the iPad rival since its launch at the start of November.

However, it turns out that number isn’t quite what it seems. While Samsung has shipped two million Galaxy Tabs to distributors, it hasn’t actually sold that same figure to gadget lovers around the globe, something that was certainly insinuated in last week’s triumphant announcement.

In fact, Samsung’s Lee Young-hee said that the number of units actually sold from retailers to regular customers was, “…quite small.” She even claimed that, “…sell out wasn’t as fast expected.” She refused to reveal an exact figure.

So it looks like Samsung’s been bigging up its slate without revealing the full story. The question is, has the Galaxy Tab really been rivalling the iPad? Or is it all just hype concocted in Korea? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Engadget