Samsung TV Apps top the 5 million downloads mark

TV applications prove big hit with Samsung users

Samsung Smart TV app service passes 5 million download milestone

Samsung’s Smart TV App service has surpassed the 5 million download milestone as Video Apps such as YouTube remain the most popular offerings.

With 550 Samsung Apps for the company’s range of Smart TVs currently available, the Korean tech behemoth has announced more than 5 million Smart TV apps have been downloaded since the service officially launched some 14 months ago.

YouTube has been revealed as the most frequently downloaded application topping the charts in the US, UK and numerous other countries.

“It’s no surprise that these applications would be at the top of the lists globally and regionally,” said Kang-hyun Kwon, Senior Vice President, Media Solution Center, Samsung Electronics. “The TV is a family-based device and people want to lean back and enjoy their time in front of the TV. These apps are the entry point for consumers to discover other experiences on their TV like gaming and social networking as well as the limitless possibilities being created by our third-party developers.”

Having taken 11 months to reach 2 million app downloads in January of this year, Samsung has revealed four months later that an additional 3 million downloads have taken the service to its latest milestone. Now available in 120 nations Samsung Apps now sees more than 100,000 applications downloaded every four days.

“The success of our developers and the rate at which our downloads have increased are evidence that this new medium of apps designed specifically for the television experience is taking hold in the consumer living room,” said. Kevin Kyungshik Lee, Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics, “These apps are one of the cornerstones of the overall Smart TV experience and they will continue to grow both in number and the diversity of experiences.”

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