Samsung to release Tizen OS handset this year

High-end Tizen based smartphone expected to launch at the end of summer

Samsung announce plans to launch high-end devices using the Tizen open-source platform by the end of summer.

Following the success of Samsung's Android-powered handsets such as the Galaxy S2 and S3, the Tizen phone will be one of three premium handsets released by the company this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled yesterday and the Galaxy Note 8.0 will also hit the market to compete with its biggest rivals, Apple.

Bloomberg interviewed executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division, Lee Young Hee, who states, "The device will be the best product equpped with the best specifications."

No other Tizen devices are on sale yet but Chase Perrin from Tizen Association says users should expected 'thousands' of applications. The device will run on an open-source software platform.

Samsung is under pressure to hold its place as the world's biggest maker of mobile phones following Google's acquisition of Motorola's Mobility Holdings Inc. last year.

Tizen is one of many operating systems reported to be released in the future along with Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS & Sailfish. Samsung is among 12 companies developing Tizen inclunding, Intel and Sprint Nextel.

Young Hee says the phone will be available "in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category."

Source: Bloomberg

Image: Tizen Talk