Samsung teases 'unprecedented' TV shape and design for CES

What could Samsung have in store for us at CES 2013 in just over a week?

Samsung may be about to embrace the unorthodox at CES in little over a week when it unveils a brand new 'unprecedented' TV design.

Samsung's TV launches have been a perennial CES highlight for the last few years, with its 3D LED range and last year's magnificent 55-inch OLED offering, but this year the company is promising something a little different.

In a post on the Samsung Tomorrow blog, the Korean giant claimed it has an unprecedented TV design in the offing and posted a teaser photo of a translucent, portrait display enjoying a little bit of beach time.

The picture is accompanied by the caption: "A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design…"

The blog offers no further details, but a quick joining of the dots suggests that perhaps Samsung may be about to launch a portrait television with a translucent display.

Once again, the TV arena is set to be one of the more intriguing aspect of this year's Las Vegas tech extravaganza. We can probably expect a slew of 4K Ultra-HD televisions from the major manufacturers as well as the next-gen Smart TV and perhaps some more-affordable OLED sets?

Via: Samsung Tomorrow