Samsung ST95, ST90 and ST65 designer cameras unleashed

Smart new Sammy compacts incoming

New triple set of cameras rock smart looks and great features.

Samsung’s already unveiled some sleek new snappers this week, but its new ST95, ST90 and S65 might just be the pick of the bunch. They’re design led new compacts which come with all the features any self-respecting gadget fan could want in 2011.

720p HD video and 5x optical zoom come as standard with each model, while the ST65 touts a 26mm lens. The ST95 and ST90 are loaded up with a 27mm lens instead.

While they might look similar, the ST95 has 16 megapixels rather than the 14 megapixels found in the ST90 and ST65. The ST95 also packs in H.264 support for two to four times longer recording compared to MPEG.

The ST95 also stakes its claim as the pick of the bunch with Sammy’s Smart Touch 3.0 UI on top of a 3-inch LCD. All models are up for grabs in February and come in a string of colours including, silver, indigo blue, pink, purple and orange, with emerald blue and red for the ST65. Prices kick off at £129.