Samsung: "Something big is coming" at IFA 2011

Vague video promises of incoming new Samsung tech

Mobile and tablet launches for Samsung at IFA?

IFA 2011 in Berling is just 11 days away, and Samsung are teasing us with two new videos promising "something big."

The first video is the sort of arty promo we've grudgingly come to expect in this day and age - smiling faces, crashing waves, sun filtering through trees and, of course, not a single shot of any tasty new gadgetry - and reveals nary a hint of what Samsung has in store. Unless it's opening a Club Med.

The second video is a little more revealing, showing more happy young people, but this time holding brightly glowing balls of light in distinctly tablet- and mobile-like manners. So, a tablet and a mobile launch at IFA for Samsung, then? Take a look at the videos below and decide for yourself.