Samsung shows off 85-inch S9 TV

Samsung reveals 85-inch UHD S9 TV at CES 2013

Samsung has unveiled the S9 UHD TV at CES, which, at 85-inches, makes it the largest high definition entertainment screen

Samsung’s S9 is one of a number of UHD TVs being unveiled at this year’s CES, however size-wise they appear to have beaten the competition with an 85-inch screen.

Featuring an ultra HD resolution, with the ability to up-convert standard HD and full HD images to UHD quality, the 85-inch offering from Samsung is the largest and highest resolution home entertainment TV to be unveiled at this year’s CES, beating competitor LG’s UHD TV by an inch.

The S9 also comes with Samsung’s Precision Black Pro technology, which the electronics giant says delivers “deep, real blacks” and “pure vivacious whites.” It combines an extremely high contrast ratio and Samsung’s Ultimate Dimming control functionality, which uses hundreds of blocks of LEDs to give sharp resolutions previously unseen on large format displays.

Arguably the TV’s most striking feature is the ‘timeless gallery design’ which Samsung says “showcases the juxtaposition of a minimalist concept with such a large display.”

In order for a smooth Smart TV experience, Samsung has included a quad-core processor, and sound wise they claim a 120watt 3-way, 2.2 channel sound system gives sounds six times better than a typical TV.

Samsung have yet to reveal a release date or costs, but given LG’s $12,000 offering, be sure to expect a hefty price tag.