Samsung showcases largest transparent AMOLED display

19-inch see-through screen on show at CES 2011

Samsung unveil more future tech AMOLED displays

Adding to the 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED display showcased at CES earlier this week, Samsung has outed the world’s largest transparent AMOLED screen.

Measuring in at 19-inch across the ‘production prototype’ transparent AMOLED display offers around 30 per cent transparency whether in use or tuned off and is touted by Samsung for future use in laptop monitors and as television screens.

Featuring a 960 x 540p resolution the 19-inch prototype, can be seen in the included image running images of a woman’s face whilst sat in front of a dolls house setup.

Due to the technology’s increased image clarity, colour contrasts, response rates and power efficiency, it is expected that AMOLED displays will make the jump from the current spate of market leaded smartphones to replace LCD and Plasma panels in larger home entertainment gadgets.

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