Samsung Series 7 video outs new tablet

Video reveals Samsung Tablet running on Windows 7

Samsung could be set to unveil a new tablet at IFA 2011 after a video footage shows off what is described as a Series 7 tablet/slate

A video has surfaced showing what looks to be Samsung's latest tablet device which interestingly is running on Windows 7.

According to the footage the tablet has a 11.6-inch screen and will share many of the specs we've seen on the Samsung Series 9 laptops.

Sporting a form-factor similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this slightly larger 'slate' will supposedly come with a Intel Core i5 processor and an impressive 4GB RAM. It'll also feature SSD storage which will mean the Series 7 Slate will be quick to start up and quick to run.

The display is apparently a 1366x768 and according to the video the battery will apparently give you 7.5 hours of life before it needs charging up. The video also featured what appears to be a dock and keyboard which the reviewer mentions will be available to buy separately.

The Samsung IFA 2011 press conference which is scheduled for tomorrow, could be the place where we see an official unveiling and learn more about the specs of this Windows 7-packing tablet.

Check the video below to see the Samsung Windows 7 tablet in action and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.