Samsung S-Cloud service rumoured to arrive at May 3 event

Less restrictions than iCloud and video on demand both hinted at

While all eyes are on the hotly anticipated Samsung S3 it's also reported that Samsung will unveil their own cloud service to compliment their new smartphone

The hotly anticipated Samsung S-Cloud may land at the company's London event on May 3, where the Galaxy S3 is also expected to launch.

Rumours of Samsung’s cloud-based service have been circulating for some time, with many speculating as to how it will rival Apple's iCloud.

Now Korean site Maeil Business claims the Samsung S-Cloud will make its debut at the Samsung May 3 event, alongside the much-anticipated Galaxy S3.

According to the website’s sources, S-Cloud will offer a more impressive service without the restrictions currently found on Apple’s iCloud. S-Cloud users will allegedly get more than 5GB of storage space - with rumours that the company has partnered with Microsoft to ensure the service is available worldwide.

Sources further claim that Samsung will offer a range of HD quality TV, movies and music through the cloud service. Though whether any of these features will be free, remains unknown.

If true, will the greater freedom of Samsung’s S-Cloud win you over from Apple? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Source: TechRadar