Samsung promises faster Galaxy range Android updates

Galaxy S handset users to avoid future delays

Users of the Galaxy S rejoice! Those delays in getting the latest Android updates are a thing of the past

Samsung has announced that it is working on improving its record of keeping users updated with the latest Android operating system after Galaxy S handset users complained about the delay taken to update them with version 2.2, FroYo.

Speaking to gadget site TechRadar, Simon Stanford, the Korean firm's UK and Ireland MD, has said that Samsung are looking to change their snail pace reputation following the release of the Galaxy S2 device.

"People see an update launched globally and think they would be getting it soon too, so there's two things we're going to do: Making sure the phones are built so the process is easier already, almost automatic to update, and working with our network partners [to bring the updates out more quickly]."

Previously, the company has blamed long delays on the process of making sure that updates work correctly on the Galaxy device. But with improvements in Android software construction, Samsung are confident that users of it's smartphones will not have to face a wait again, and could potentially be in line for automatic updates in the future.

"A lot of challenges lay [in networks releasing updates], but we're pretty confident now that the learning’s from the Galaxy S will not occur in Galaxy S2; we're pretty sure consumers will get a great experience when they come to upgrade thesoftware.

"From what I can understand it is getting easier to update the OS, as I said it should be automatic, and users shouldn't have to go and 'seek it'.

Stanford was also keen to point out that Samsung wouldn't forget about Galaxy S handset users, with the company promising to keep user's updated. "As a manufacturer we would previously release a phone and walk away, that was all we ever had to do. Now that's not the case as we keep customers for two years, constantly send them updates or the latest OS, so the challenge is working with operators to make sure we get the correct info out to customers."

The Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone was launched at the start of this month, and has apparently sold 3 million pre-order units already. Do you think Samsung can keep it's promise? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

Via: Techradar