Samsung opens premium stand in Phones4U Oxford Street

London store gets Apple-esque section dedicated to Samsung products

Samsung have taken a leaf out of Apple's book and decided to start showcasing their products in style in the form of a premium stand in Phones4U Oxford St

Samsung have opened up a premium kiosk within the Phones4U Oxford Street that will showcase the entire Samsung Mobile range and will have dedicated staff on hand to give advice and answer questions.

Looking not unlike a certain unmentioned store which is just down the road the premium kiosk will feature all the latest products including the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1S.

Lacking in carrier information or pricing the minimalist stands are designed to bring the focus back to just the devices encouraging punters to get hands on and try the phones.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date rumoured to be just around the corner, will we see Apple-esque queues in Oxford Street snaking down the road as Android fans wait to get their hands on arguably the most anticipated Android smartphone yet? We'll have to wait and see, but should they want too, there'll be a store waiting for them.

Image credit:Engadget