Samsung offers free content transfers from iOS to Android

Exclusive licensing agreement makes Easy Phone Sync available on Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung is offering its UK customers an application that will allow them to transfer content from their iPhones to any Samsung Galaxy device

Samsung customers are now able to transfer content from their iOS devices to their Android kit for free using the company’s Easy Phone Sync application, available on all Samsung Galaxy devices – including the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3.

It will be made available to all UK customers who purchase a Galaxy handset.

The function allows users to transfer their iPhone content, including iTunes media such as songs and videos, to a Galaxy device without having to part ways with their cash.

The Korean firm believes the app will encourage existing iPhone users to switch to one of its Android-toting blowers.

Simon Stanford, Vice President, Telecommunications and Networks, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “We’re really proud to announce the launch of this new application and can’t wait to hear what our new and existing customers think of it.

“We know that traditionally iPhone users have been reluctant to switch to an Android device because they couldn’t use iTunes to manage their content.

“Easy Phone Sync means people can now enjoy their iTunes content on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

“What’s more is that it’s really easy for them to do, and literally takes five minutes to set up.”

As part of an exclusive licensing agreement with Media Mushroom Applications, EPS will also allow users to manage their iTunes content on their PCs and Macs.

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