Samsung launches new range of Wi-Fi Smart Cameras

For the 'social photographer' in all of us

Samsung have embraced the world of 'social photography' and included WiFi in some of the new compact cameras they've unveiled at CES this week

The Korean electronics company Samsung has launched its new line-up of Smart digital Cameras, offering three brand new models that boast inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity.

Unveiling the new range at CES 2012, Samsung have paved the way for the future of photography by offering the ability for users to upload pictures over Wi-Fi at the press of a button.

Leading the range, the WB850F offers a f/2.8 lense, 21x optical zoom and 16 megapixal CMOS sensor, which makes it perfect for capturing high-quality images in low-light conditions.

Like the other models, the WB850F comes equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning photographers can email their snaps to friend and family, or upload them directly to social networking sites such as Facebook and Flikr.

Next is the WB150F, with a 14 megapixel CCD sensor and optically stabilised 18x zoom. Its inbuilt GPS, as found in its companions, also allows users to geotag photos and search for information about their current location.

Finally, the series rounds off with the slimmer ST200F, which offers Wi-Fi functionality in an even sleeker design. Offering a 1.5” front-facing LCD screen, the ST200F is perfect for taking those self-portraits. With its 10x zoom, the model builds on Samsung’s existing ST-series, buts its 16-megapixel CCD and 3inch display means it’s not a huge step up.

Like the WB850F and WB150F, the ST200F also features optical image stabilization and Live Panorama mode, however its lack of manual controls makes it slightly less appealing that its sibling models.

Tempted by Samsung’s latest range of Wi-Fi cameras? Will the additional connectivity catch on with other developers? Let us know in the comment box below.