Samsung in trouble after iPhone evidence leaked to media

Evidence showing that Samsung had an iPhone-like design first is leaked

In the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung, it would appear that Samsung has landed itself in hot water with a US judge after sharing its rejected evidence

Evidence has been leaked by Samsung trying to prove that the company came up with iPhone like designs before Apple did when it first released the Apple iPhone in 2006.

The evidence it seems was not valid for inclusion as Samsung had submitted it too late, however the images were then placed into the public domain, something which the judge has apparently not taken kindly too.

Its purpose was to show that Samsung's F700 had been in pre-production long before the iPhone and that many of its design charactaristics are similar to that of, what they claim to be, a later released product by Apple.

It's not the only piece of evidence that Samsung was apparently trying to include, with the Sony iPhone concept also looking to be included despite Apple vehemently denying that it was in any way influenced by Sony.

Apple iPhone Prototypes leaked

This comes at around the same time that Apple has been forced to release a number of images which prove how far back the iPhone was in the design stages, this has in turn led to a number of early iPhone prototype images being released.

The images vary in design but clearly show that elements of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4S were already being considered before the original iPhone had even been released.

Just a few weeks before that Apple had to show images of an early iPad prototype, remarkably produced before not only the original iPad but also the original iPhone with Apple claiming that they had begun work on the tablet years before the iPhone was approved.