Samsung H2: Vodafone 360 phone official

Complete specs confirmed after slew of rumours

8 megapixel camera and Vodafone 360 skin on board all-new device.

The Samsung H2 has been the subject of some pretty intense speculation in recent weeks. But now Vodafone has confirmed the final specs for the new top end handset that uses the network’s 360 social networking skin.

At just 11.7mm thin, the Samsung H2 manages to cram in some mighty impressive features. These include a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED with multitouch (a marked improvement on the H1), 16GB of on board storage and an 8 megapixel snapper with 720p HD video recording.

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There’s also a 1Ghz processor, as well as Opera 10 with Flash support, letting you chow down on stacks of videos online. HSDPA is also tucked away inside.

There’s no word on when the Samsung H2 will land, but it seems this Vodafone mash-up, which will pull together all your SIM and social network pals in one place, is going to be a winner when it does drop.

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Via Mobile Industry Review