Samsung glasses-free 3D TV not on the agenda for 2011

No immediate plans to get rid of the specs just yet

Samsung TV fans, you better get used to the 3D goggles...

Samsung has made no plans to chuck away the 3D specs having ruled out glasses-free 3D TV in the near future.

T3 spoke to Andy Griffiths, Vice President of Consumer Electronics for Samsung UK at the Samsung European forum in Budapest, who revealed that Smart TVs will be the main focus from a Samsung TV manufacturing point of view.

When we quizzed Mr Griffiths on the possibility of glasses-free 3D TV already being in the works he revealed that Samsung "have no plans to launch a product like that at this stage."

Griffiths added, "We believe there is a lot of work to do to get the quality right and ready for consumers homes. We have no immediate plans for glasses-free 3D. What we are concentrating on as the Samsung brand is a fully immersive high quality picture experience with goggles."

Whether it would be something that Samsung would have to take into consideration in the near future, Griffiths said, "Possibly. There is alot of work to do. We are one year into the 3D glasses launch and we believe that there is still a lot of good potential in that area and still more to do going forward".

Toshiba demonstrated glasses-free 3D TV technology at CES back in January, while the Nintendo 3DS and the LG Optimus 3D phone are examples of glasses-free 3D tech set to launch in 2011.

Samsung TV fans it seems will have to wait a little longer before being able to dump those specs.

If you do want to see one of the glassses-free gadgets you can own in 2011, see below for our hands-on video with the LG Optimus 3D phone.

LG Optimus 3D video

Source: T3 Tech videos