Samsung: "Glasses-free 3D in next 10 years will be difficult"

Sammy says 3D will be glasses-only for a while yet

Korean looks to quell chatter about its 3D glasses-free TV.

Samsung recently touted a 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV at a tech show in China. But the Korean giant has just come out and made it clear that it’s unlikely to be released in the next few years.

What’s more it also reckons that glasses-free 3D TV is years away from ever being good enough for the home. In a statement to Slashgear, Sammy said, “Attempts to put glasses-free 3D TV to market within the next 10 years will be difficult.”

Considering Toshiba is plotting the release of its own glasses-free 3D TV by the end of 2011, Samsung’s claim is something of a surprise. But the company goes on to add that, “To make naturally viewed glasses-free 3D TV, for instance in a living room where several people can watch TV from various angles, the technology needs to deliver 3D to at least 32 viewing spots.”

It says that for such TVs to have mass appeal, costs will need to come down significantly and a while new infrastructure will be required. Disappointed? Tell us what you think of Samsung’s statement on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Slashgear