Samsung Galaxy Tablet to beat iPad

Reader poll shows over half would choose Galaxy Tablet over the iPad

With a steady stream of Android touting iPad rivals on the horizon we asked you if the best of the bunch could win your hearts over Cupertino's own.

Over half of you have said that you would choose a Samsung Galaxy Tablet over Apple's iPad. In our weekly poll we asked you if the Samsung's impending tablet could take on Job's take on the tablet, and the results were a firm shout in favour of the Android team.

Results of T3 Weekly Poll: Can the Samsung Galaxy Tablet beat the iPad?

The results showed that the majority felt the Samsung Galaxy Tablet could beat the iPad, 25 per cent of you agreed under no conditions, whereas an impressive 38 per cent said yes, but only if the price was competative enough. The iPad still received a significant 29 per cent of the votes with readers saying the iPad could only be beaten by the iPad 2, which, at the earliest, is slated for a 2011 release.

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Considering this was supposed to be a four-horse race a staggeringly low 6 per cent said that Microsoft and Blackberry would in fact be the real challengers. In terms of individual reactions the sides were just as clearly drawn: Jonathan Frost says "Disappointingly no, the Apple dynasty rolls on".

Whilst Patrick Phillips is clearly against the idea saying "Android all the way. Love Apple for their Macbooks and iPods but when it comes to phones and tablets leave it to Google."

Patrick is of course referring to the Android OS which will be featured heavily on a lot of the new iPad rivals this quarter, check out our review of Android 2.2 'FroYo' and see if it's the alternative you've been waiting for.

Are Blackberry and Microsoft out of the 'race', or can they take on the iPad as well? The debate rages on at Facebook and on Twitter.