Samsung Galaxy Tablet release date before Oct 2010

iPad contender will run Android 2.2 and have 3G.

Has the day come, as with the iPhone and the Desire, that Apple finds its mighty castle walls under siege?

Samsung has confirmed it will release the Samsung Galaxy Tablet before October 2010.

The device, which will carry the Galaxy name alongside its smartphone companions will be packing a 7-inch display, have Android 2.2 on board, 16GB of internal memory and the rather tasty Samsung Hummingbird A8 processor.

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As if that wasn’t enough, it’s touted to have 3G, WiFi and GPS which will undoubtedly make it the first real contender to the iPad since Non-Apple companies started revealing they would also be making tablets.

With Microsoft screaming to high heaven that they’ll be releasing a tablet, and of course LG confirming it will be releasing an Optimus tablet, it does seem like competition is on the horizon. However with their release dates a whole quarter behind Samsung, it seems the Galaxy will be the first into the ring.

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Via: ITProPortal