Samsung Galaxy Tab sales only 20k

Lenovo exec claims just two per cent of stock sold

Samsung just can't seem to get a break, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 being banned, and now the Galaxy Tab 7.7 being publicly removed from IFA, other companies have started hitting out

In a story published by the Guardian, an executive from Lenovo has claimed that Samsung sold just 20,000 units of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, out of a stockpile of around 1m.

Andrew Barrow, director of consumer products and pricing for Europe went on to explain that if one were to follow Samsung's attempts to challenge Apple the problem would be that "any [manufacturer] would be giving money away." Samsung has not yet made any comment in return to the statement but it's worth noting that as yet they have never released hard stats that show sales for their original Galaxy Tab.

Samsung has been suffering with setbacks ever since Apple began its patent war against the company, firstly with the ban of their newly updated Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Then there were attempts to ban their flagship smartphone the Galaxy S2, and now finally their latest tablet the Galaxy Tab 7.7 was removed from the IFA tech conference after Apple won a ban on the tablet.

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Source: Guardian