Samsung Galaxy Tab, S and Ace getting Gingerbread

Mid-May roll out for software update

Move comes a month after initial boost to Gingerbread was pulled by Sammy.

Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Ace are all getting a boost to Android 2.3 in mid-May. And best of all, the roll out will start right here in Blighty, with Scandinavia to follow.

Samsung Galaxy Tab video

Source: Samsung Galaxy Tab video | T3 Tech Videos

Last month, Samsung pulled the same update after it discovered a problem with the software. The Gio, Fit and mini Galaxy phones will also be receiving a taste of the best Android can offer on a smartphone.

Sammy says all the devices will be snappier and offer nattier usability once they’ve been upgraded. It also means it’s not just owners of the sleek new Galaxy S II who are feeling the Gingerbread love.

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