Samsung Galaxy Tab: Best IFA 2010 launch, say T3 Readers

But no one's that convinced by the Sony Bloggie Touch...

You votes examined...

IFA 2010 unleashed a bevy of new tech unto the world when it took place in Berlin earlier this month, but which was best? That’s the question we posed to you last week, and the results have been fairly conclusive.

The best of IFA 2010
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A massive 69.89 per cent of you believed Samsung’s iPad rival – the Galaxy Tab – to be best in show at the event, while the second place entry – LG’s 31-inch OLED TV – only scraped 10.75 per cent of your votes. The Philips Cinema 21:9 3D was your third favourite IFA launch, collecting 7.53 per cent of your love.

At the bottom end were the Sons and Spotify team-up, Panasonic’s 3D T750 camcorder and Sony’s Qriosity service, which garnered 3.23, 3.76 and 4.3 per cent of the votes respectively.

Bringing up the bottom of the IFA favourites list was the Sony bloggie Touch. The updated pocket camcorder only found favour with 0.54 per cent of you.

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