Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 video released

Smaller sibling makes public appearance at US conference

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 has been relatively shy in making public appearances, until now that is

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 has made an appearance at a blogging conference in the US sporting all the trimmings of it's larger sibling the newly updated and released Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The tablet appeared in the video showing off the trademark design which has already been used in the 10.1 and featuring the same 2MP front-facing camera and 3MP snapper on the back. The tablet will also feature all the same components inside, but instead offering it in a slightly more portable package.

Both of the tablets have Samsung's elegantly simple TouchWiz laid over Honeycomb and as can be seen in the video, it works just as well on the 8.9's slightly smaller screen, looking as bright and accessible as its partner in crime. There's no official word yet on release, but with it looking as complete as it can be, we can't imagine it'll be a long wait.

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Source: Engadget