Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note and Wave 3 set for IFA

Android app reveals secrets

No specs, but now we know just what Sammy has planned for next week's Berlin gadget megashow.

Samsung will roll out three new top-end devices at next week’s IFA tech trade show in Berlin: the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note and Wave 3. How do we know? All three devices are mentioned in the company’s official IFA Android app.

The news was uncovered by This Is My Next, whose source found mention of the devices while rooting around in the recesses of the Android add-on. Sadly, there’s no word on specs, although we can safely assume the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be a reboot of the original Galaxy Tab, using Android Honeycomb.

The Wave 3 will likely pack in Sammy’s own Bada OS, just like its predecessors. The Galaxy Note, however, remains a mystery.

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