Samsung Galaxy Tab: 600,000 sold

Sammy on target to hit a million in 2010

Impressive numbers less than a month after launch.

Samsung has shifted 600,000 Galaxy Tabs since its launch at the start of November. That’s according to The Korea Herald, which has got the stats straight from Sammy itself.

The number covers the 30 countries worldwide where you can get the Android FroYo-powered tablet, with 30,000 alone sold in South Korea. It all means the tech titan is well on target to hit the million mark in 2010, just like it said it would.

Of course, the iPad continues to slay all comers, with around 7.5 million shifted since it first hit shelves and millions more expected in the run up to Christmas, thanks in no small part to iOS 4.2 giving it a new lease of life.

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Via The Korea Herald